Reference Projects List

Reference Projects List

Reference Projects List. Since its inception in 1998 to 2017, GAM-Solar Energy & Engineering has completed many projects in the fields of fresh water, electricity and agriculture. This benefits many Gambians.

Since 2017, the management has decided to create a Solar Trust Fund to
a) get donors and investors to fund short-term projects
b) thereby allowing more people to benefit from fresh water, electricity and agriculture.
c) to create a system where people can buy water and electricity. Also for the low amount that one pays, it is possible to maintain the solar and water systems. So people take care of their own maintenance through the payment system. This provides a long-term guarantee for the supply of water and electricity.
Why the Solar Trust Fund?

Reference Projects List
GAM-Solar project University of The Gambia

The real problem

The real problem of the large scale implementation of solar power for electricity generation in the Gambia is the lack of financing. Lack of project financing is the most important reason why there are so few solar panels in The Gambia. In addition, the utility rate of $0.20/kWh is very high and the electricity supply is very unstable. This is mainly because the demand exceeds the installed generation capacity..

Larger parts of the countryside even have no power at all and in other parts of The Gambia the power goes out every day. This explains why there is a great need to relieve the electricity grid with solar panels. Because a solar panel in The Gambia will generate a factor of 1.8 more energy on an annual basis than the same panel could supply in countries such as Europe. So why not fund more solar projects in Sub-Saharan Africa to have a more positive impact on climate change at a relatively lower investment cost? From our perspective, being on site and building plant capacity can minimize financial risks and even enable return on investment because the solar energy itself is free…

Reference Projects List

Our trust fund system

The trust fund system has now proven itself, through the generated projects and the proceeds. The experience with our revolving GAM-Solar Trust Fund since May 2017 is good. With a contract turnover of approximately $1.5 million reaching approximately 100,000 beneficiaries through approx. 140 solar projects with paybacks of up to 95% have proven that investments in solar energy for electricity generation, water and irrigation for food production can indeed be feasible and sustainable.
Financing solar energy is crucial and will lead to more economic growth. More jobs, less fossil fuel imports, reduction of CO2 emissions and thereby mitigating the negative effects of climate change. As pioneers in The Gambia since 1998, we can provide guidance and together with our international suppliers. Our company is ready to develop larger solar projects in the West African region. If you are interested and/or want to know more about our trust fund, please send us an e-mail. We will recommend you a few pages to know what we are doing for communities in The Gambia. Our Reference Projects List is build up with two project pages: First we can advice you to visit our GAM-Solar Completed Projects page to have an idea about our projects. Second if you are interested in our GAM-Solars Villages List, take a look to our list . We will appreciate if you have any questions about our trust fund system and answer them with the utmost care. Send us an e-mail with your questions about our trust fund system, our Reference Projects List / Villages List or when you need any other information.

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