GAM-Solar and Gambia

GAM-Solar and Gambia

GAM Solar Energy and Gambia. Besides of being a commercial company, we are also very committed to the people of “The Smiling Coast of Africa”. The Gambia is located in West Africa. And is the smallest and poorest country on the mainland of Africa. With a size of approximately 330 km east to West. And less than 50 km north of the South.  Besides the most populous countries of West Africa. The highest concentration of people is therefore located around the once urbanized landscape. Banjul is the capital of The Gambia. And is built on a small peninsula hidden. Between Gangrove-lined estuaries and the broad mouth of the Gambia river. Which exits from the highlands of Guinea of ​​Fouta Djallon. Banjul is an important with his natural harbor. Trade partner between West Africa and the world.

The economy 

  • The economy of the Gambia is dominated by agriculture. About two thirds of the population is engaged in livestock and growing crops such as: 
  • rice
  • corn
  • millet
  • sorghum
  • cassava

Small-scale production includes processing peanuts and fish. The land is located in the Sudan Climate Region, with a clear short rainy
Season and a long dry season.

Gambia’s Economic Outlook since the Covid19 period

The containment measures put in place to combat the Covid-19 pandemic have had an adverse effect on the Gambia’s GDP. The estimated GDP will contract from 3.8% to 2.4% in 2020. This is very worrying after the GDP growth of 6.2% in 2019. In addition to the sharp decline in supply from the tourism and trade sectors, imports fell. of products back. The domestic Gambian spending pattern was also much less . External demand also hurt the economy a lot. The government responded with expansive budget spending. These have increased by 0.5% of GDP since 2020. Food aid increased by 0.7%.

GAM-Solar and Gambia

our Vision, Mission and Trust Fund

GAM-Solar Energy Vision

GAM-Solar Energy Vision is to be the most innovating turn-key solar solution provider. For all types of customers in the three key-sectors. Important for development in West-Africa as: clean water, electricity and irrigation for food production.

GAM-Solar Energy Mission

The mission of GAM-Solar Energy is to play a leading role. And bring fundamental change in the three key sectors for the development at the local level:

  • clean (drinking) water
  • electricity
  • food production (through irrigation systems on solar energy for agricultural projects)
  • technical and commercial innovation.

GAM-Solar Energy Trust Fund

GAM-Solar and Gambia
In recent years GAM-Solar Energy have provided more than 400,000 people in 375 villages with running clean water and growing. GAM-Solar started a Solar Trust Fund in May 2017 with financing from private donors, as well from the communities. The funds are used to finance the procurement of solar water pump systems for selected rural communities, where the people have agreed to pay an affordable fee for clean drinking water. In this way they repay the investment and ensure the sustainability of the systems for future maintenance costs.
GAM-Solar and Gambia

GAM-Solar water meter.

Every household that uses the water project will be connected to the water net by means of these meters. People can top up the meter per household. To date, more than 100,000 people in 120 villages have benefited from this program, repaying investments in water resources of less than D10 ($0.20) per capita per month. It is important that the investment system is repaid in 2 years.